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This year, our new volunteer training will be on July 27-28, 2023. We are so excited to welcome our new members! To register for this training, keep scrolling for instructions!!


Are you an EMDR Level I and II trained clinician interested in helping with recovery in Virginia after a major traumatic event?


VCRN volunteers have an opportunity to help on-site immediately following a disaster or in their offices offering brief pro bono therapy services.


VCRN Members can help connect with and educate community members about the effects of traumatic stress and treatment with EMDR therapy.

What are some benefits of volunteering as a VCRN member?

Volunteers receive training in the neurobiology of traumatic stress, methods for stabilization and effective post disaster treatment, techniques for working collaboratively with disaster response teams, and Early EMDR Interventions (EEIs) that can be used within hours, days or weeks of a traumatic event. These trainings will be provided to volunteers at no cost. As an additional benefit, all members of the VCRN will receive free CE’s and EMDRIA credits for required training programs.


And VCRN Volunteers can connect with like-minded and motivated peers while providing an extraordinary service.

If you have more questions about volunteering, please contact us.

How to join VCRN as a new member


To volunteer, please complete the following form: 

New Volunteer Form 

Then email the following to Dana:

  1. Malpractice Insurance (or supervisor's malpractice insurance)

  2. Clinical License (or supervisor's license)

  3. Basic Training Certificates (Part 1 & 2) with date of completion

  4. Copy of Certification or Consultation Certificate, if applicable​​


VCRN Volunteer Mandatory Training is 2 days and will include the following:

  • Early Intervention Protocols: Psychological First Aid, Early EMDR interventions, and  recent incident protocol

  • Group Protocols

  • Policies & Procedures

  • What to Expect Onsite of a Disaster

  • Roles & Responsibilities of Onsite Responders & Pro Bono Therapists

  • Documentation Requirements

  • Role of Consultant


You will need to have all paperwork and training completed in order to respond as a VCRN Volunteer.

We look forward to meeting & working with you on this very important team!

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